KAUNAS CACIB SHOWS, 24-25.01.2015

(in the picture Carrera 11 months old)

Kaunas CACIB show, 24.01.2015: our young girl Carrera Rojaus Bernas (11 months old) - best junior and BOB!

Armani Rojaus Bernas - CACIB and BOS!

Bottega Veneta Rojaus Bernas - CACIB!

Carrera became LT J CH! Armani became LT CH! Thanks to Judge Bo Skalin, Sweden!

Armani Rojaus Bernas (in the picture - 2 years old)

 Second day, Kaunas CACIB show 25.01.2015:

Carrera Rojaus Bernas - best junior and BOS!

Armani Rojaus Bernas - CAC and RCACIB!

Thanks to judge Eva Liljekvist Borg!

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