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25.07.2015 CACIB Show, LATVIA

Great day in Adazi CACIB Show, Latvia!Bottega Veneta Rojaus Bernas - CACIB and BOB!Carrera Rojaus Bernas - J CAC, Best Female 2! Many thanks to our friend Diana Jurkuveniene for fantastic handling! Thanks to Judge Tatiana Raschikmanova (Russia) !

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Plunge Dog Show, 04-05.07.2015

First day: Carrera Rojaus Bernas - BOB AND BEST IN SHOW 3!!!D'artagnan Rojaus Bernas - Best junior, BOS and Junior Best in Show 1!!! D'artagnan became LT J CH!!!Second day: D'artagnan Rojaus Bernas - Best junior and BOS! Carrera Rojaus ...

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World Dog Show 2015, Milan, Italy!

Absolutely incredible result of our young girl Carrera Rojaus Bernas: Junior World Winner, Best Junior, Best Female (BOS) in World Dog Show 2015, MiIan! Many thanks to Judges Lisbeth Mach (Switzerland) and Giancarlo Sambucco (Italy)!

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Italian Club Show at World Dog Show 2015, Milan!

Josje van't Stokerybos - 1st place, champion class! Armani Rojaus Bernas - 4th place, open class!

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Moletai CACIB Shows 22-23.05.2015

Excellent results of our young boy D'artagnan Rojaus Bernas!2 x Best Junior and Crufts qualification!

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Lithuanian Club Show 2015

Great results on Lithuanian speciality show: Josje van't Stokerybos - CAC, Club winner and BOS! Josje became Club Ch!Bottega Veneta Rojaus Bernas - 1st place open class, CAC!Carrera Rojaus Bernas - 1st place, junior class, JCAC! Armani Rojaus Bernas - ...

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Great debut of our puppy D'artagnan Rojaus Bernas!

D'artagnan Rojaus Bernas (Berntiers on Demand x Joly van't Pachthof), 7 months old - Vilnius CACIB Show 07.03.2015, Best Puppy! Thanks to Judge Maria Amélia Taborda!

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KAUNAS CACIB SHOWS, 24-25.01.2015

(in the picture Carrera 11 months old)Kaunas CACIB show, 24.01.2015: our young girl Carrera Rojaus Bernas (11 months old) - best junior and BOB!Armani Rojaus Bernas - CACIB and BOS! Bottega Veneta Rojaus Bernas - CACIB! Carrera became LT J ...

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Vilnius CACIB Show, 21-22.12.2014

Great results from Vilnius CACIB SHOW:20.12.2014 :Carrera Rojaus Bernas - junior winner and best junior!Armani Rojaus Bernas - 2nd place, open class!Bottega Veneta Rojaus Bernas - RCACIB.21.12.2014:Carrera Rojaus Bernas - junior winner!Armani Rojaus Bernas - CAC & CACIB!

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EURO DOG SHOW, BRNO, 25.10.2014

Absolutely fantastic day for us!!! Eurodog show, Brno: our Josje van't Stokerybos - CAC, CACIB, EURO WINNER 2014 and BOS! Her daughter, our young girl Bottega Veneta Rojaus Bernas - 1st place in intermediate class, CAC! Many thanks for judges ...

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WORLD DOG SHOW 2014, Helsinki, Finland

Fantastic results on World Dog Show 2014, Helsinki! Our young girl Bottega Veneta Rojaus Bernas - WORLD JUNIOR WINNER 2014!!! Thanks to our friend and handler Olga Zilotina, Russia! Armani Rojaus Bernas - 2nd place, internediate class!!! Thanks to judges ...

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Plunge Dog Show, 05-06.07.2014

Excellent results from Plunge Dog Show !!! First day: Armani Rojaus Bernas - BOB and BIG 2! Bottega Veneta Rojaus Bernas - BOS! And fantastic debut of our little lady Carrera Rojaus Bernas - Best Baby and baby Best in ...

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Palanga Dog Show, 07-08.06.2014

Great weekend in Palanga!!! 07.06.2014 - Armani Rojaus Bernas - BOB and BIG 5 !!!08.06.2014 - Armani Rojaus Bernas - BOB and BIG 3 !!! Bottega Veneta Rojaus Bernas - BOS! Bottega Veneta Rojaus Bernas:

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Lithuanian Swiss Mountain Dogs Speciality Show, 10.05.2014

Excellent results on Lithuanian Swiss Mountain Dogs Speciality Show! It was 80 dogs in the show. Armani Rojaus Bernas - 1st place, intermediate class, CAC! Shardonnet Cesar Brizo, champion class - 2nd place! Bottega Veneta Rojaus Bernas - junior class, ...

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Show weekend in Riga 21-23.03.2014

Great weekend again for our young boy Armani Rojaus Bernas (15 months old)! Armani became Latvian J CH! And now he is LT-LV-EST-BALT junior Champion!21.03.2014 - Speciality show for II FCI group - J CAC, Best Male, Best of Breed ...

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Vilnius CACIB show, 08-09.03.2014

Bottega Veneta Rojaus Bernas (12 months old) 2 x J CAC and BOS! Veneta became LT J CH!Shardonnet Cesar Brizo - 2 x R. CACIB!

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Tallinn Dog Show, 01.03.2014

Armani Rojaus Bernas - Best of Breed! Armani became Estonian junior champion!Bottega Veneta Rojaus Bernas - Best of opposite sex!Thanks to Judge Gusti Ionescu (Romania)!

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Kaunas Dog Show 24.01.2014

Great day for our young dogs! Kaunas Dog Show: Bottega Veneta Rojaus Bernas (10 months old) 1st place from 10 entries and Best junior in first her show in junior class! Armani Rojaus Bernas - 1 st place in males ...

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Kaunas Dog Show, 16.11.2013

Our little Bottega Veneta Rojaus Bernas - very promissing 1, best puppy (8 months old)! Thanks to judge Tatjana Grigorenko, Russia!

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Josje van't Sokerybos - CACIB and BOB!!! Josje became INTER CH and now our kennel has already 3rd Inter Champion!!! Thanks to judge Johnny Andersson, Sweden!

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